Curriculum Vitae Luciano Gaggia

Luciano Gaggia

Behind the controllers for 38 years, Luciano Gaggia, born in the Veneto Region of Italy in 1961, started working within his home province on Sunday afternoons in 1979 at the young age of 18.

Famous for one of his slogans “we’ll be starting soon… we’re waiting for the DJ…. the good one!”, he began his radio and private party career by becoming freelance in 1986 when Renzo Arbore was the Founding Partner and President of AID (Italian DJ Association).

He is the proud owner of an enormous vinyl record collection and over 7,000 original CDs.

He thinks of himself as a music-maker rather than a musician: being a DJ is part of him, he has devoted all his life to music and, during his career, he has also acted as the Artistic Manager for several clubs and even become a partner.

A lover of good food and wine, it is no coincidence that he was the first to introduce and promote them in the discotheque.

For many years he mainly worked in the most exclusive clubs in Italy and Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, Croatia and Switzerland, and he recently performed in Ibiza, Miami and at Novikov in London.

In his opinion, the DJ plays with records; his most frequent saying, and which best represents him, is “If I have fun, everybody has fun because we’re the DJs, the first in line to stir up the public’s emotions. Music has to be experienced!”

It would be impossible to list all the 300 places he has worked in, but one we just have to mention is the Mah-na’ Mah-na’, his club in Vicenza which changed the history of music, and the excellent Marina Club in Jesolo.

He has been asked to open concerts for some of the most famous musicians, such as Zucchero, Antonello Venditti at Plan de Coronas in Alta Badia and many, many more.

Besides being a much-acclaimed and highly-requested DJ, Luciano Gaggia has his own agency where he creates club programmes, from the complete itinerary to live dinners, including scenographic performances of every kind.

Promoter and Organizer of some renowned Formats and Brands, in which he is the DJ and where he expresses the musical moment of that era, having experienced it personally, below are some of his proposals for exclusive parties:

1960s – ’70s – ’80s.
A Special Event with music arranged by Luciano in locations specifically fitted out for theme.

1970s – ’80s – ’90s
A unique event with the music and atmosphere of those historical years.

ALL THE ’90s:
A unique and special Format in which to re-live the legendary 1990s.

A full, complete and exciting DJ set that groups together the best DJs that have been entertaining people and reviving the legendary discotheques of the 1970s, ’80s, ’90s and 2000 for years.

The best Italian music from the more historical times to modern day.

BACK TO THE FUTURE 1990s – 2000.
The Legendary Story that still enthrals modern times and will continue on into the future.

A unique evening with performances from the greatest, internationally famous DJs.

Cooking Show in which internationally awarded Chefs will prepare the most wonderful dishes to the accompaniment of their special music, proposed by Luciano Gaggia.

Gourmet dishes, each accompanied by specifically combined music, where the guest becomes the absolute protagonist with the chance to vote for the best music and dish. Guaranteed fun from start to end.

Gadgets, CDs, badges and many other personalized surprises for every occasion will make each Event even more unique. Moreover, every Party will be further enriched with the exceptional appearance of Celebrities, Artists and Bands selected in context with the Event.

For further details and insights into his masterpieces (videos, photos and pictures of his insuperable events), take a look at his website: mail:

or read the Facebook pages posted on the following profiles; Luciano Gaggia –

RagaEvent, exclusive event provider and planner offering complete formats: dinner, entertainment, performances, live music, scenography. 


MIXER CHEF, excellent cuisine accompanied by a perfect Mixer:

Buongiorno Mondo, link to details, samples and enjoyable aphorisms:

Diretta Biancorossa, television programme on which Luciano has been the opinion leader for years, transmitted live by TVA Vicenza at all the Vicenza Calcio football matches: including his private page: Luciano Gaggia –